Questions and answers 


  • What does it mean “made-to-measure”?
  • What happens after your purchase? 
  • What measures are necessary for manufacturing?
  • How can I do measurements correctly?
  • Differences between Petticoat with small, medium und large Volume. 
  • Shall I pay more for shipment if I buy more pieces?
  • What happens if a dress does not fit?
  • How should I clean a dress? 
  • How can I pay?



What does it mean made-to measure?

“Made-to-measure” means that after purchase you let us know the measures and the ordered model will be crafted after your measures You may inform us about your wishes and visions and bring your ideas.




What happens after the purchase?

- After purchase you will receive, within max. 5 minutes, a confirmation e-mail in which your order will be summarized. Similarly, the mail is everything necessary for payment procedure included. If you send such a mail did not receive, then please get in touch with us.


What measures are needed to produce?


For production, we need the following measures


How can I do a measurement correctly?
For a better orientation please put a rubber band on a waist!
The waist is the tightest part between chest and hips and situated over the navel.


Overbust (A):
See picture
Bust (B):
Hold tape lightly and measure across fullest part of the chest, under arm and straight across the back. On the back a little bit upward.
Underbust (C):
See picture


It is important to meter on the tightest part between chest and hips. The waist is situated above the navel. The waist band must be fixed here.






Bust height (A - B): From a point of junction of neck and shoulder (A) to the fullest part of the chest (B).


Length form a shoulder to underbust (there a bra lays on ribs) (A - C):
From a point of junction of neck and shoulder (A) over the fullest part of the chest (B) to C.


Back LengthA
From a point of junction of neck and shoulder (A) (see a pic.) along a backbone to the lowe edge of a waist band.
Back Width : B  To measure horizontally from one arm root to another. Important: relaxed upright posture.

Front Waist Length:  Please measure from neck root on the side over the bust peak to a lower edge of waist rubber band (A-D).
Bust Height: Is measured like a front waist Length but only to the fullest part of chest (bust peak).

Schoulder Length ( A-S ):
From neck bottom to shoulder peak.

The broadest part of biceps on the strongest arm.


Vordere Breite


Please measure 8 cm under the waist












Front Width:
Please measure form one axilla wrinkle to another one.


Sleeve Length:
With arm relaxed at your sides and slightly bent, measure from top shaping down the outside of the arm to the wrist. Elbow must be slightly bent.


Skirt Length:
Please measure from waistline to the point you wish. The skirt normally must end at middle of knee or a little bit over knee. Please note that Petticoat will look out ca. 1-2 cm.




How do the petticoats?

With our Petticoats is single-layer petticoats.

petticoat petticoat petticoat
petticoat petticoat petticoat

The full volume (das volle Volumen) is especially suitable for wedding dresses, dancing (e.g. Rock’n’Roll) or for enthusiasts who like a little more volume. Here we process more than nine meter tulle.

The average volume (das mittlere Volumen) is suitable for all occasions because it is not too much and not too little volume. We recommend gladly this variant. Here is more than 6.5 meters tulle processed.
The small volume (Das kleine Volumen) is suitable for all who wish that the skirt is only a little bit sticks out. The small volume is suitable for Bsp. also to Wear on the street. Here are over four meters of tulle to be processed.



Shall I pay more for shipment if I buy more pieces? 

No, you do not need to pay more for shipment if you order more than one piece. You pay only onece.

National (Germany) 6,90 EUR
International (EU) 16,90 EUR



What happens if my dress does not fit?

Also, we are only human and can make mistakes. Should your ordered dress not fit, then we undertake to make it suitable. Of course, at our expense. Please note, however, that if you provide us with incorrect measurements the alteration costs can not assumed by us.
In such cases, we can gladly make the Change. This should, however, be paid by you.



How should I dress and the petticoat clean?

Your Dress will longer delight you, if you follow our advise and bring it in the cleaning. Each dress possesses a sewn-in lable with the care symbol: a Charlott-Atelier-label with a circled P. The cleaning should not bring any problems.
The petticoat you can wash by hand. Just put it in a bath and sprinkle with a water.
If you want to have again a lot of volume, then sprinkle the petticoat in a recumbent position with spray starch and let it dry.
However, if you want not so much volume, then let the petticoat after washing hanging to dry. So for example, a full volume of a petticoat becomes a medium and a medium becomes a small one.



How can I pay?

You may pay via PayPal, bank transfer, by invoice, payment in installments and in cash at our outlet.


For further questions you can contact us via email or call us +49 30 32103462