“The dress proclaims the man, and we make the dress”

The designer Tatjana Masuhr revives the romanticism of the 50ies with her Charlott-Atelier. Authentic, but with delicate modern elements she creates little Petticoat-artworks, that show the various desires and demands of her clients. The attention not only lies on new collections, but also on the timeless beauty of women themselves. Every dress is a made-to-measure one of a kind, that tries to direct the attention to the the beautiful sides of femininity and to accentuate them with the design. Like this every owner slips out of her everyday role and can be the attractive woman that she is.

From the age of 14 the Russian designer and owner of the Charlott-Atelier works in the fashion business. Her passion for Petticoats was born in 2008 and from this time on it became the successful specialisation of her label. The dresses are designed exclusively made-to-measure, with materials of high quality, appropriate for the 50ies. The colors and patterns of the dresses are being modernized in a very careful way to maintain the timeless style. The fact that Tatjana Masuhr creates Petticoats of the 50ies for today and tomorrow, was proven by the great success of the most creative pieces at the “Walk of Fashion 2013”. Famous stars also got a taste for the versatile fashion.